HOSPITALITY CALLING SERVICES©“Dial Around” Call Revenue Capture

The Opportunity for Hotels is to create a new revenue channel by capturing calls that are at present, being made by guests using "Dial Around" methods. These methods are major credit cards, 00 + (International Operator), U.S. telephone calling cards (LEC) Local Exchange Carrier cards, third party billing and most frequent, Collect Calls (recipient paid calls).

The above-described calls bypass the Hotel operator or it’s billing system. Currently, if a caller dials 0 or 1+ the hotel receives income as the billing charges appear on the Hotel guest's bill at checkout and those services are offered through the local PTT or authorized telecom provider. QITech is NOT looking to diminish this type of business currently enjoyed by the Hotel nor want them to change their providers / carriers as this would compete with the incumbent PTT / carrier.

Hotels do not earn revenue for "Dial Around” calls because as the term implies, they are dialed around the Hotel’s PBX and billing system. Guests however, still use the Hotel’s equipment and phone lines to facilitate the connection. *Industry averages demonstrate the Hotel can capture one additional International “Dial Around” call per room, per month and one Domestic “Dial Around” call for every two rooms per month. Rates are competitive with other major carriers.

BILLING OPTIONS - Guests have several payment options to choose from including: Collect Calls (recipient paid), Major Credit Card, Third Party billing (to a third number), Qwest Calling Cards or any U.S. LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) card, I.E. Southern Bell, PAC Bell, SW Bell, GTE, Bell Atlantic, Ameritech, Verizon, Mountain Bell, US West and other LECs.

COMMISSIONS (shared revenues) are the highest paid in the industry with monthly payouts to the Hotel sent via U.S. mail, wire transfer or other automated preference. Commission Reports and Call Data Reports (CRDs) are password enabled and available for viewing via QITech ’s corporate website.

INSTALLATION is quickly implemented without charge to the Hotel. No software or hardware is required and QITech provides free initial printing and ongoing replenishment of "table cards ” (guest dialing instructions), for placement in each room describing how to make calls to the U.S. or elsewhere. The service does not impair in any way present guest calling options or PBX functionality.

GUEST BENEFITS - Travelers benefit by having a convenient, high-quality connection to a major carrier operator services platform offering complete automated service in the language of the country of call origin, as well as live operator-assisted calls, originating in International or Domestic locations and terminating in the U.S. as well as other select international locations.

CUSTOMER CARE service is provided 24 / 7 / 365 by Customer Care Account Representatives specifically assigned to your account. Support is available to both the Hotel guest and property personnel.

QITech ’s Hospitality Calling Services enable a new channel of profitability otherwise lost to the Hotel and provides a superior level of service, which guests have come to expect. Contact us today at hospitality@QITech .com for complete details regarding this excellent platform to generate substantial new revenues for your hospitality business. There is absolutely no cost or long term contracts to incur.

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