International CallBack Services
Low Rates, Reliable Service, Online Billing, and more!

Business Grade VoIP
Highest quality VoIP systems using the latest SIP based PC 2 Phone and Phone to Phone technology and routing. Use VoIP for lowest rates to anywhere. Online Billing, and more!

  What is Callback?
Click here for FLASH demonstration!

PC-2-Phone VoIP
Make low cost, high quality domestic and international long distance calls directly from your PC and surf the Internet at the same time! Download Now

  Anti-Blocking System
This system enables customers to make calls in countries where the local PTT is blocking callback.

Phone-2-Phone VoIP
Start saving with our super low international calling rates. Save as much as 80% off your existing telephone bill with our Broadband Phone to Phone service.

  QITech Directory Assistance
Our directory assistance service affordable access to the most up-to-date directory information. Use your existing account and press 411

  Internet Access
Get Online with QITech ! Connect to the Internet using QITech Dial Up service.

  QITech WAP Service
This service allows you to use your WAP and Internet Mode (I-Mode) phones to trigger a callback using the Internet.

  Choose A Pre-Paid Calling Card
No Connection Fee, Low International Rates, Real-time billing, and Online Management features!


  QITech PALM Service
This service allows you to use your PALM devices to trigger a callback using the Internet.

  QITech Hospitality Calling Service
Hotels capture otherwise lost revenue on this platform, which enables operator-assisted calls to the USA & other countries with a variety of billing options


  International Dial Direct
This is as simple as it gets! Click here for more information.


  QITech 800 Toll Free Call Forwarding
This service enables your customers in the US, Canada and the US Territories of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam and Western Samoa, to make toll free calls to your business in any country


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