General Information
QITech is a private company based in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa, which provides Enhanced Prepaid and Wholesale Telephony Services.
Through its strategic relationships with carriers, software and application providers, QITech has developed an enhanced web-based prepaid services platform that allows its customers to access and control all of their operations over the Internet in real-time.
International Web-based telephony has evolved in recent years with the advent of the Internet. While most companies have offered traditional international calling services, QITech believed an online solution was necessary for its sales partners and customers to manage their accounts. Waiting an entire month to receive call detail or account information has become unacceptable in today's Information Age. Thus, QITech introduced web-based services that allow our partners and customers' immediate access to their data.
QITech's original customer base consisted of Wholesalers, Distributors, Master Agents, and Retailers of traditional prepaid telephony programs. Our software and application developments have allowed us to extend our offerings to other carriers, resellers, international callback providers, and other customers that benefit from the functionality and customization of our enhanced prepaid services platform.
QITech has also focused on the wholesale carrier opportunities resulting from the rapidly growing demand for capacity between countries.
QITech has developed strategic relationships with equipment manufacturers and vendors to combine traditional switched services with a carrier-grade VOIP network to offer wholesale carrier and prepaid services to wholesalers, carriers, resellers, and distributors.
QITech believes the entire world is a net; therefore, tell us where you are or want to be and we will connect you.

  QITech Services
Callback Services: QITech ís callback system allows customers to save on all their international long distance calls. International telephone rates are usually high in most countries, even with the current trend toward the privatization of government owned industries, many governments are still retaining control and are imposing heavy taxes on their local telephone industry in order to raise needed cash. Many countries continue to forbid competition for telephone service. QITech capitalizes on the market created by these artificially high rates, by providing callback service, a simple method of connecting an overseas customer with a high quality but lower rate phone call.

Callmeback Prepaid Phone Card service , like callback, is available in every country.

Direct Dial Services: : Now available to customers in more than 52 countries, including the US & CANADA. To call any country, just dial the in-country toll free 800 number and access QITech 's switching center to complete your call. The rates are LOW, QITech RATES. This 800 number service is known in the telecommunications industry as the UNIVERSAL INTERNATIONAL FREE NUMBER service (UIFN). It is the equivalent of the 1+800 service in North America which can be used from any telephone in the country. The UIFN service is a global telecom project of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Their goal is to establish DIRECT DIALING from every country at low rates.

As additional countries agree to the establishment of these numbers, QITech offers the service to its customers. It is not yet known how many countries will permit the establishment of 800 number direct dialing. Hopefully the revenue sharing arrangements will generate enough revenue to make it attractive to most countries.

The QITech USA 800 NUMBER SERVICE offers direct dialing from any telephone in the US, Canada and in the US territories of the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and Western Samoa. The service is available to all QITech customers when they are in or traveling in these countries.
QITech is a true "e-commerce" company, in that over 90% of its communications and transactions with its agents, customers and suppliers are by, through and based upon the Internet. Agents and customers enjoy online billing and customer service. QITech finds its new customers though the World Wide Web. QITech agents have websites designed so new customers can be informed and apply for service. Customers pay their bills by international credit cards and access current and past billing information online through secure Internet pages.

  QITech 's History
QITech was established in Bamako, Mali, since Mars 2004, it is a notable success, thanks to the; technical, commercial of its in-depth diversified management expertise.

  Industry Information
QITech operates under the approval of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with a Section 214 license and maintains an IXC license from the Florida Public Service Commission.

Telecommunications is one of the largest industries in the world. It was estimated that world telecom revenues were $800 billion in 1996 and would grow 30 percent, to $1.5 trillion by the year 2002. U.S. companies control about 30 percent of the world trade in telephone services.

QITech 's telecom services are used by ambassadors, consulate and embassy employees, trade promotion and other international organization officials, corporate executives, professional firms, export-import companies and others engaged in international business and travel. Letters of reference are available.

On February 15, 1997, 69 countries that represent more than 90% of the world telecommunications revenue entered into a landmark World Trade Organization (WTO) accord. The WTO accord seeks to open telecommunications markets around the globe. The US became the first country to implement the agreement, when the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), on November 25, 1997, agreed to make it easier for overseas telephone carriers and satellite operators to compete in the US. The FCC commissioner described the significance of the WTO Accord as "staggering". Consumers will see the benefits of competition through lower international calling rates and increased innovation. US domestic telecommunications companies will have enormous business opportunities as barriers to foreign markets are dismantled. The accord, which took effect on January 1, 1998, basically ends a 60-year tradition of telecommunications monopolies and closed markets.

"International Callback", was approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in 1995, after opposition from several of the world's major carriers. QITech uses high tech computer telephony switching to export US dial tones to every country. QITech customers in over 200 countries make international calls to every country.

Low telephone rates are increasingly important in today's growing global economy. Low rates help strengthen the ties of family and friends, promote communication, unity and peace and make it easier to promote exports and improve trade balances between nations.


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