QITech WAP is a "patent pending" technology developed by QITech to provide you with a complete communication solution. This service allows you to use your WAP, Internet Mode (I-Mode) phones and PALM devices to trigger a callback using the Internet. It is the only WAP-based service that uses Wireless Application Protocol to save you money on phone calls! You do not have to switch from using your current provider. Using QITech service is always your option.

In most cases, GSM and I-MODE service providers do not charge for inbound calls. Using QITech WAP to make your calls will redirect the calls so they will be considered an inbound call, therefore, you will only pay for the international portion of the call as billed by QITech and not pay any fees to your more expensive mobil service provider. QITech uses the best carriers including AT&T and MCI to provide you with the highest quality call available to any mobile phone used to make international calls!

QITech WAP also has the following built in features:
   On-Line Billing
   Automatic Redial Feature
   "Quick Dial" Like Speed Dial But Automatically Creates a Phone Book.
   Conveniently Stored Account Information
   Callback Delay Setting

3 Simple Steps to Use QITech WAP Service:
   Instant Activation! Sign Up Now in three minutes or less!
   Create and save a bookmark on your WAP, or I-MODE phone or Palm device at 
   Now, click on the QITech WAP.com bookmark and make a high quality, low cost, international long distance call every time!
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